15 Sep

How Can We Stay Motivated Over Long Periods?

Often times, finding or maintain motivation can be quite a daunting task. There are times that we find it hard to simply get out of bed in the morning, making motivation even harder to attain. What must be kept in mind is the fact that most goals that we set are months, even years in the making. Therefore, daily we must remain motivated and focused in order to continue to move closer to achieving them.

How can this be done? It is actually not extremely hard to remain motivated, and the following steps will help you do so.

Know Where You Are Going

It is highly important that we not only set goals, but that we fully define them as well. There is no sense in giving yourself a vague or general goal. Thinking about the goal will not motivate you… it will simply result in excuses as to how not to achieve them. We NEED to stay MOTIVATED. The best way to motivate yourself is by determining and defining your goals. This engages your mental GPS and keeps you honed in on the destination, therefore you will be motivated to take the daily drive closer to your goals.

Write it Down

Once you have determined and defined your goal WRITE THEM DOWN. Writing down goals makes them real rather than a dream or a fantastic fantasy. Making the goals real is essential to motivation. Think about it, when was the last time that you were motivated by something that was not real? That you did not find to be tangible? Additionally, write the goals down and place them somewhere that they can be seen daily. This will keep your eyes on the prize, propelling you forward to greatness.

View Others

On the days that you feel your motivation slipping away, do not fret. Simply take a look at someone that has achieved the goals that you have set for yourself. This will remind you why you set the goal and what is possible for you in the future. You will be surprised as to just how quickly your motivation will be regained.

Track Your Progress

There is nothing better for staying motivated than tracking the progress that has been accomplished. This allows us to look back and see just how far we have come and just how close we are to the goals that have been set. Once we look at what has been accomplished and overcome, what lies ahead seems less taxing and motivation is invigorated.


06 Aug

3 Traits of the Successful That You NEED To Copy!


Success is something that everyone wishes to attain. However, attaining success is not easy. If it was, everyone who needs it would have it. The most successful people in the world started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. Here are the 3 traits that successful people show that you NEED to copy!

1. Work Hard

Successful people know that they cannot get anywhere in life without hard work. They are guided by the basic science of life, which states that your input equals your output. They depend on their ambition and skills to get them where they desire to be in life. They do not depend on luck.
In addition, successful people make sacrifices to get to their desired position. They don’t complain about how hard they work because they know it will pay off in the end. They are always focused and nothing can stop them from working towards their dream.

2. Be Curious and Eager To Learn

Most people are narrow-minded and they don’t like to explore and learn new things. However, successful people are curious and always willing to learn. They are open-minded and always learning something new. They constantly ask questions with the hope of finding out more information.
They are aware that knowledge is a backbone to success. Therefore, they take advantage or apply what they learn in their lives. Successful people always want to learn about everything that they are curious about. If you are narrow-minded, it’s time to change. Be open-minded and you’ll be on your way to success.

3. Never Quit

In the world today, most people walk away from things they find too hard. However, successful people don’t do that. They love challenges. They face their challenges and work hard until they overcome them. Successful people would rather die than quit at a challenge they are facing. They have passion for what they do.

Their main goal is to be on top and be the best at whatever they do because that is where their passion and ambition lies. If you have been quitting when faced with challenges, it’s time to change. Face your challenges and work hard to overcome them. That way, you’ll find yourself joining the list of successful people. Quitters never win.

There you have it. The 3 traits of successful people that you need to copy. Emulate them and you’ll see a difference in your life. You can also share them with your friends. As they say, sharing is caring.

16 Dec

Deciding How Much You Need

It is important in life for a person to know exactly what it is that they wish to obtain or exactly what goals they would like to accomplish. The same goes for obtaining an abundance of finances. If you wander down the path of success blind and without aim you are sure to get lost.That is why it is important to have specific goals in place that will act as your guide while you take the journey towards success.

Before you make any decisions on exactly how much you need, it is advised that you read the following chapter because it contains valuable information that will greatly help you. Keep in mind, it is important to determine how much you need rather than how much you want.

When you are making a plan for financial success, it is important that you determine exactly how much finances you need to be pulling in. I do not mean a general ball park figure, I mean an exact number.

You can figure this number out by listing down all of your expenses as well as giving yourself some breathing room for unexpected situations that may occur. You need to picture yourself in the future, what do you see?

In order for you to accomplish what you see in this vision, it is important that you set financial goals because they will serve as your motivators. You may want to start with smaller goals as this will help you build your self-confidence in the long run and this will make the harder goals much easier.

Add Up The Bills:

The first and probably most important step to creating a financial abundance is to figure out what your monthly expenses are. It will be impossible to build wealth if you are spending more money on expenses than you are bringing in. No matter if you are a manager for a business or are self-employed, all expenses need to be accounted for, down to the paper clips and staples. This will help you determine if your current set of circumstances will benefit or hinder your journey to financial abundance.

Are You Earning Enough?

One question that you are going to ask yourself, whether you want to hear the answer or not, is am I making enough money? Although it may be hard, if you are not making enough money, you may have to give some things up in life for a short period of time. Even those who are not in financial strain should look over their daily lives and think of the things that they do not really need. You will be surprised by how much of a difference you can make by choosing to buy a 99 cent coffee in the morning rather than a $5.99 Starbucks coffee. If you analyze your current set of financial circumstances and come to the realization that you are not making enough money, it is definitely time to do something about it!

What Do You Need The Finances for?

Another important question you must ask yourself is, what do I plan on doing with my finances. Having a plan for what you will use your finances for will motivate you as well as set guidelines for what you purchase.

For instance, if you know that you have important business expenses coming up or maybe even a vacation to Hawaii, you will be more likely to be responsible with your spending which will lead to you creating a financial abundance. It is also very important to prioritize. You must take care of life’s essentials before worrying about having extravagant things like jet skis and sports cars.

It is also advised that you create a spreadsheet or some other type of visual reference to track your expenses and earnings. It is easy to forget about something that you cannot see so it is important that you keep this spreadsheet in a location where you will see it multiple times throughout the day.

The process of determining how much cash you need should not be taken lightly or rushed. It is a very serious step in the process of creating a financial abundance. Keep in mind these tips and begin practicing these methods and you should start to see improvements in no time.


15 Jul

Motivation: The Heart of Self-Improvement

Pain may sometimes be the reason why people change. Getting flunked grades make us realize that we need to study. Debts remind us of our inability to look for a source of income. Being humiliated gives us the ‘push’ to speak up and fight for ourselves to save our face from the next embarrassments. It may be a bitter experience, a friend’s tragic story, a great movie, or an inspiring book that will help us get up and get just the right amount of motivation we need in order to improve ourselves.

With the countless negativeness the world brings about, how do we keep motivated? Try the tips I prepared from A to Z!

A: Achieve your dreams. Avoid negative people, things and places. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

B: Believe in your self, and in what you can do.

C: Consider things on every angle and aspect. Motivation comes from determination. To be able to understand life, you should feel the sun from both sides.

D: Don’t give in and don’t give up. Thomas Edison failed once, twice, more than thrice before he came up with his invention and perfected the incandescent light bulb. Make motivation as your steering wheel.

E: Enjoy. Work as if you don’t need money. Dance as if nobody’s watching. Love as if you never cried. Learn as if you’ll live forever. Motivation takes place when people are happy.

F: Family and Friends – are life’s greatest ‘F’ treasures. Don’t loose sight of them.

G: Give more than what is enough. Where does motivation and self-improvement take place at work? At home? At school? When you exert extra effort in doing things.

H: Hang on to your dreams. They may dangle in there for a moment, but these little stars will be your driving force.

I: Ignore those who try to destroy you. Don’t let other people to get the best of you. Stay out of toxic people – the kind of friends who hates to hear about your success.

J: Just be yourself. The key to success is to be yourself. And the key to failure is to try to please everyone.

K: Keep trying no matter how hard life may seem. When a person is motivated, eventually he sees a harsh life finally clearing out, paving the way to self-improvement.

L: Learn to love your self. Now isn’t that easy?

M: Make things happen. Motivation is when your dreams are put into work clothes.

N: Never lie, cheat or steal. Always play a fair game.

O: Open your eyes. People should learn the horse attitude and horse sense. They see things in 2 ways – how they want things to be, and how they should be.

P: Practice makes perfect. Practice is about motivation. It lets us learn repertoire and ways on how can we recover from our mistakes.

Q: Quitters never win. And winners never quit. So, choose your fate – are you going to be a quitter? Or a winner?

R: Ready yourself. Motivation is also about preparation. We must hear the little voice within us telling us to get started before others will get on their feet and try to push us around. Remember, it wasn’t raining when Noah build the ark.

S: Stop procrastinating!

T: Take control of your life. Discipline or self control jives synonymously with motivation. Both are key factors in self-improvement.

U: Understand others. If you know very well how to talk, you should also learn how to listen. Yearn to understand first, and to be understood the second.

V: Visualize it. Motivation without vision is like a boat on a dry land.

W: Want it more than anything. Dreaming means believing. And to believe is something that is rooted out from the roots of motivation and self-improvement.

X: X Factor is what will make you different from the others. When you are motivated, you tend to put on “extras” on your life like extra time for family, extra help at work, extra care for friends, and so on.

Y: You are unique. No one in this world looks, acts, or talks like you. Value your life and existence, because you’re just going to spend it once.

Z: Zero in on your dreams and go for it!!!

30 Apr

You Can Design Your Life

The other day, after looking at my calendar and seeing how jam packed the upcoming week, month, year was, I started to feel panicky. The days are full. Completely full. They are the kind of days where I wonder how it’s all going to get done. They are the kind of days where I know it can’t all possibly get done. They are filled with to-dos, check lists, calls, and emails, writing deadlines, and work, work, and more work. They are the days where I move from one task to another – mindful of getting each one finished but not particularly mindful of the bigger picture and how I fit into it and how this is all part of my purpose. I didn’t see much downtime on the schedule or much self care or much space for being. And I could feel my chest begin to tighten.

Sometimes, in these moments of overwhelm, I need to move away from it before I completely go into hysterics. I can feel my soul crying out that it needs me to slow down, and so I either lie down and pull the covers up or go to the couch, wrap myself in a blanket, and turn on the TV – which is what I did on this particular day.

Oprah was on, and she mentioned that years ago she was telling Jerry Seinfeld that she was really tired, that she wasn’t looking forward to going back to her show (which at that point still had several years left to be on the air). He told her to stop whining and realize that she had the power to design her own life. Because of that conversation, she made the decision to end her show and to create space in her life to do the things that she wanted to do – the things that fed her soul.

A light bulb went on in my head, and I realized that this was the exact message that I needed to hear right then. I, too, have the power to design my life. We all do. If there is something that I don’t like about it, I can change it. Maybe not immediately, but I can begin taking steps to remedy whatever is hurting my soul.

For me, not having enough time to myself – time to go within, write, reflect, and BE – was weighing heavy on my heart and making me not super excited about my life in general. When I looked at the schedule, I was missing from it. And I knew that this was something that I had the power to change.

I create my schedule. And so if I’m not on it, I can change that. I can move appointments around or shift how I run my business in order to make sure that my own needs are met. If I look at something and feel that it no longer feeds my soul, I can take it out of the schedule or at least make plans to eliminate it in the near future.

This is something that I knew, but I hadn’t taken action on. And sometimes, all it takes is hearing it from a loving messenger (for me, in the form of Oprah) to wake us up and help us to take action.

I hope that I can serve as a loving messenger for you right now.

Is there any part of your life that you aren’t happy about – that you would like to change? Would you be willing to believe that you have the power to design your own life – that you can start right now to begin making changes to create whatever kind of life you want? 

You can start slowly – begin with awareness. Start by just imagining what your ideal life would look like. And then take baby steps to begin making it your reality.

I’m looking at my schedule in a completely different way now. And I love seeing that I’m back on it – big pockets of downtime where I can have some space and time for myself.

That feels amazing. And I’ll be much more present for others when I’ve honored my own needs in this way.

I hope you’ll take some time to reflect on your own life and see how you would like to design it. It matters because you matter. 



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Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and a soulful community builder. She lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives. She would love to connect with you!

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07 Jan

I’ve Let Things Get Away

Death is a hard thing to get past.  I lost my husband of only 10 years in 2009, then lost my Mother in Aug. 2011 and after moving to Arizona from California, I thought I was doing well but I wasn’t.  Over time I noticed that my routine of starting my days with some EFT or Tapping, then listening to some Abraham-Hicks while I worked.  Then meditating in the afternoon, I was no longer doing and I could tell and feel the difference.

I really didn’t realize how much difference it made in my day to day living and how important it is for my peace of mind and well-being.  I’m determine to incorporate this back in my life as I now see how much I really need it.  It helps keep me focus on what I want in my life, what sort of life I want and the sort of people I want in my life.  I no longer want to just get through life, I want to truly enjoy my life! Things have happened recently in my life that feel like steps backwards, I don’t want to go backwards cause those things didn’t work.

So if you read my post and have experienced the benefits of Law Of Attraction, Tapping, The Secret, etc, please post and share with me the good things that have been brought into your life.

01 Jul

Find Your Passion In Order To Be Happy

There are many successful people who are living their life as they want to.  They love what they do for work and work hard at it.  You can see that those most successful work towards what they love and are passionate about.  There are many reasons for this but one of the most important reasons is that if you love what you do for work, you will work harder at it because you enjoy
doing it so much.

If you are bored and unhappy with your life or what you are doing with your life right now, then it is time for a change.  You might think there are obstacles or you might be afraid to take a chance at changing to make your life better.  There is no time like the present to change those things in your life that you are not happy with.

You have more control over your life than you might think or have been told. There are many things that people measure their happiness by.  Think of those things that will make you happy, whether it be money, relationships, career, etc and then find a way to reach those goals.  Nothing is out of your reach! Now is the time to set your goals!

The amount of money you make isn’t really a measure of success.  There are those that have plenty of money that are not happy with their lives. For you to be truly happy, you must follow your passions and then wealth and success will come to you.  But how do you find what you are truly passionate about?

There are many ways to find and discover your passions.  One of the ways to find out what you are passionate about is to ask yourself questions about things you enjoy.  You might get ideas from things you have in your home or things you like to talk about. You deserve to live your life with passion, it is one of the reason we are here – to enjoy life to its fullest! You have the same abilities as anyone else and you deserve to have passion in your life!


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