08 Jan

Get Your Day Started On The Right Foot

This is how I like to start my days.  It helps me get in the right frame of mind to attracted all the wonderful things I want to attract in my life.

Tap O’ The Morning

Then I watch this as a way to further my openness to receive good things.

Law Of Attraction Mastermind Movie

Have a Great Day!

07 Jan

I’ve Let Things Get Away

Death is a hard thing to get past.  I lost my husband of only 10 years in 2009, then lost my Mother in Aug. 2011 and after moving to Arizona from California, I thought I was doing well but I wasn’t.  Over time I noticed that my routine of starting my days with some EFT or Tapping, then listening to some Abraham-Hicks while I worked.  Then meditating in the afternoon, I was no longer doing and I could tell and feel the difference.

I really didn’t realize how much difference it made in my day to day living and how important it is for my peace of mind and well-being.  I’m determine to incorporate this back in my life as I now see how much I really need it.  It helps keep me focus on what I want in my life, what sort of life I want and the sort of people I want in my life.  I no longer want to just get through life, I want to truly enjoy my life! Things have happened recently in my life that feel like steps backwards, I don’t want to go backwards cause those things didn’t work.

So if you read my post and have experienced the benefits of Law Of Attraction, Tapping, The Secret, etc, please post and share with me the good things that have been brought into your life.

09 Aug

Learn More About EFT

There are so many resources out there to help you with your personal development.  EFT is just one of the things that I have found very useful for removing limiting blocks that prevent all the good things in life that I want to attract.

There is a large number of tapping teleclasses, guided imageries and other recordings to help you reach your goals of manifesting all that you desire.

Join the Magnificent Tappers Club!

06 Aug

Not Getting The Great Rewards?

The holy grail in personal transformation is “the clearing of your limiting beliefs” trapped in your body-mind; those pesky unconscious tapes running, and often ruining, our ability to attract love, happiness, success, wealth, and wellness.

Margaret Lynch has a fabulous new (and free) video on how to easily, and quite successfully, clear your internal blocks to money, income, success, and wealth.

Margaret shows you how to clear and reset your “Wealth Set Point,” the amount of money and wealth your body-mind can tolerate.

As little kids we were sponges soaking in everything our families felt, thought and believed about money – every limiting thought pattern, negative emotion, troubling memory, and sabotaging belief – pooled in our unconscious mind to create our “family paradigm” of money.

Margaret’s work delves deep into your “Money Shadow.” It’s the darkest side of your limiting beliefs about money.

All that dark family baggage collides with our own personal experience with money to create our personal “Wealth Set Point.”

Your Wealth Set Point explains why so many people, especially heart centered entrepreneurs, who work with great passion but rarely see great results of their hard works.

Check out Margaret Lynch’s excellent video and Tap away your limiting beliefs and blocks to the wealth you deserve.