05 Dec

Shatter Your Limiting Money Vow

Margaret Lynch is one of those rare teachers who knows her stuff and is just fun & cool to be around.  Margaret’s also one of the leading experts in the EFT/Tapping world.  Margaret’s expertise is with money manifestation, wealth, & finances.

But even I was a bit skeptical when I read “Shatter the Limiting Money Vow” in her recent email.
I’ve done plenty of prosperity exercises before.  I’ve thought about the “laws of money” I inherited from my parents.  I’ve journaled about the “new money paradigm” I choose to live in.

So I decided to play along with Margaret in her ten minute vivid visualization and tapping exercise.  First, I was genuinely surprised at the intense feelings around my childhood memories and my “family money story.”  Feelings of deep sadness and grief veered into anger and resentment.

Wow…where did these come from?  Those deep seated emotions bubbled up from my body; long stored in the recesses of muscles, bone, and mind.  And my chakras energy centers I soon learned.

What did BLOW my mind was the shift and release I felt from the tapping we did around these feelings and memories.  Years of hidden tears evaporated in minutes of tapping.  Buried anger and frustration vanished; leaving me feeling serene and open.  I’m not prone to magical thinking, but this was really interesting.

Now when Margaret talks about new money paradigms, I’m all ears…and finger tips.

What would you do with a money breakthrough in your life?

If  you want to check out Margaret’s 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation video training exercise.