29 Nov

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

It has been a rough few months. My Mom got sick and died on Aug. 29th, she was only 71 years old.  We had not always had the best relationship but over the last year, things had gotten better between us.  Our talks were easy, comfortable and we had some really good laughs together.  I miss her very much.

Dealing with death of a loved one is very hard especially with my husband dying 2 years before my Mom died.  When he died suddenly, I didn’t really have proper time to mourn his loss as I had to figure out our business and how to keep it going.  When my Mom died, all those feelings came back. This time though I did have time to mourn them both and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can get back to work, it is nice that I work from home and am my own boss so I didn’t have to deal with someone asking me when I would be coming back to work or worry about loosing my job if I didn’t come back sooner than I was ready to.

This month I also moved to a different state, so it has been like a new beginning for me in so many ways. My new place feels like home, it did the first time I walked into the house before I had any of my things moved it and that is such a good feeling.  This is also the first time I’ve ever lived alone without a boyfriend, husband or kids and let me tell you it feels so good!

This is what I’ve wanted and thought about for over a year and it has happened which goes to show me that the Law Of Attraction really does work.  Not that I wanted my Mom to die but her dying provided me the money to move from a place I didn’t like to a place I love. And for that I’m very grateful for.

Never stop dreaming and thinking of the things you want to happen in your life, the universe must give it to you! So always think of good things you want in your life, I know that isn’t always easy but the more you do it, the easier it will be.


02 Nov

Things Have Been A Crazy

Sorry I haven’t posted in some time.  My Mother got sick and then died and things have been a little crazy since then.  I’m also in the process of moving out of state so I haven’t had much time to take care of things online.  As soon as I get settled in my new place I will be posting things again.