28 Aug

It’s Time To WAKE UP! Forever!

Spooky things start to happen when you leverage your intuition at super-enhanced levels.  You experience higher realms of awareness and new reams of insight and information and you realize you’ve pretty much been asleep all your life!

Now is the time to WAKE Up Forever!

This will blow the lid off the way you view yourself and reality!

What I Love about  the Intuition Zone is that it puts the power right back where it belongs – in your hands. And it’s jam-packed with tried and tested step by step exercises and techniques for developing, accessing and applying your intuition, with real-life examples and 4 mind blowing meditations.

What is so exciting is that you can start to experience your intuition at work Right NOW!

Intuition Zone


24 Aug

Being Calm Is Great

Even though I am relatively new to using the Law Of Attraction and all that goes with it, I am noticing a great calmness within me since I’ve started practicing it, and for that I am truly grateful for.

I know what has helped tremendously is music that I have found that includes brainwave entrainment or BWE.  The music is beautiful and calming and can be stimulating at the same time.  I use this music to help center me and get my thoughts and feelings on the right track to attracting those things that I want in my life.

Like most things worthwhile in life, this is a work in progress which means some days are better than others.  But I like knowing I have tools at my disposal that can help me pivot my thinking towards more positive things.

I am noticing that no matter what issues come up during my days, I stay calm and don’t stress over things like I use to. I know that as long as I continue to think positively things will get better.

I most like being able to listen to these when I go to bed.  For one thing, it gives my brain something to focus on which helps me to be able to relax so that I can fall asleep and gives me positive feelings while I sleep.

This is my favorite place to get BWE music, click here if you would like to receive a complementary Sound Transformation Starter Kit

Here is an audio clip from Abraham-Hicks that I really like. It Is Good To Feel Good

Have A Wonderful Day!


19 Aug

Tools To Manage Your Stress

We’ve all heard how bad stress is for our health both physically and mentally, but how do you keep stress at a minimum with all that is going on in your life? People usually think that stress is just a mental or psychological problem but exercising your body can bring great benefit to managing your stress. Finding ways to manage your stress is very important for your all around well-being.

Here are some things you can do to relax and keep stress at a minimum.


Meditation is believed to offer the deepest forms of relaxation and there are many techniques you can use. If you are looking to relax both physically and mentally then you should look into meditation. There are so many meditation techniques out there that finding one that works for you shouldn’t be a problem. What you are striving for while meditating is reaching a deep centering state of mind and focus internally which is called a meditative state. This is when you quiet down your mind, body and soul.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

This relaxation method is done by a series of muscle tightening and then relaxing the muscle. The idea for this came about because it was noticed that mental relaxation naturally occurred after physical relaxation was achieved, this is the reason why experts think it is a viable way to manage stress. To achieve the most benefit from this you will need to spend 10 – 20 minutes per day. This can easily be done by anyone, though it will require some muscle activity.


Meditation and yoga are somewhat related to each other and are used in conjunction with each other. Yoga focuses on the physical side of exercise, while meditation focuses on the mental side of things. There are several forms of this ancient Indian exercise such as hot or bikram yoga, sahaja yoga, and power yoga. Besides the benefits to your physical and mental health, the main point of practicing yoga is to bring your mind, body and soul into balance and harmony.

These are just some of the things out there that can help you control your stress and help you stay healthy. There should be nothing more important to you than to be healthy and to be around for your loved ones.  It is easy for you to find more information about these techniques either online and/or in bookstores.

18 Aug

Healthy Abundance Mindset

Don’t Live In The Scarcity Mentality.

This is the psychological state where thoughts of rivalry originate. If you know that there is not enough to go around, you’ll attempt to rush to take something from somebody else.

There Is Enough.

It might be hard for you to think that rivalry is wrong as it is so highly valued in our society. It feels like every politician or other well paid employee thinks that solely by competition you get what you need.

But that’s why they’re employees. They don’t realize that by not participating in competition they’d become independent and free, even as their natural state ought to be.

When you recognize that competition is wrong and quit trying to gain something at other people’s expense, you step by step fall into the abundance mentality. You begin to recognize that you are able to get everything you think of, and this assures you that there will constantly be more than enough of everything for everybody.

However what if you still are in scarcity mentality, and don’t know how to get out of it? You’ll need to introduce a positive affirmation in your daily life. It may sound like this one: I see abundance everyplace. Or it may be put in this way: there’s more than enough resources in the world for everybody. Whichever attracts you more.

You’ll likewise need to train your eyes not to see what you don’t wish to come up in your life. If you wish to eliminate the thoughts of scarcity, direct your care to the manifestations of abundance. Look at lush nature, deluxe cars, singing morning birds, positive and wealthy individuals, royal buildings, whatsoever you affiliate with abundance.

There are a lot of wealth symbols to choose from, it simply depends which symbols constitute riches to you. I may view nature and see the pure proof of abundance on this Earth; yet other people may see abundance symbols by viewing new gadgets and lavish clothes.

When you train your eyes to center on such symbols, you’ll begin the originative process in you. Your thinking will absolutely shift as you no longer see poverty manifestations. By always looking at wealth symbols you’ll develop desire to become abundant.

As now you easily center on abundance, you’ll have no difficulty in producing thoughts of abundance. These thoughts will manifest in your life bringing in everything you deeply thought about.

An abundance mindset tells you that there are constantly new chances and opportunities. This frees much of the pressure you might feel if you have a scarcity mindset that makes you believe that you only got this shot right now. Or makes you feel like a perfect failure simply because you just bumbled and things didn’t work out.

An abundance mindset lets you see life in a more long-run perspective. And it may help you better your performance as with it you’re producing a lot less pressure and anxieties inside your own brain.

If you have a scarcity mindset then you’ll likely take things too seriously. You might think to yourself: “If I fail, the sky will fall”. It likely won’t, though. But you believe it will, you become excessively nervous and you’ve produced a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure as your inner, self-created negativity puts obstructions on your path to success.

16 Aug

Nothing Is What It Seems

Article by Jim Francis

The mindpower gurus who can operate mentally in theta or some other altered consciousness state believe that they enter a time-free zone where they can see past/present/future events with equal clarity. It has always been considered that time flows forward, like an arrow from a bow but the relatively new science of Quantum Physics indicates that it may well flow in the opposite direction also.

And the more the scientific world delves into the strangeness of Quantum Physics, the weirder are the things being discovered.  It basically started out with the aperture test whereby a stream of light is shone through a narrow slit on to a screen. The light either showed up as a particle image on the screen or as a waveform, depending on what the experimenter expected!  And there is now a line of thought that wonders if the normal state of events is the waveform, which materializes into particle form only when consciously examined.

When one considers the vast empty spaces inside supposedly solid matter, there may be some merit in this particle materialization concept. If you think about all the planets in our solar system and the vast distances between them, then reduce the size of our solar system down to that of an atom, it becomes easier to comprehend the spaces inside each atom. In fact, 99.99999999999% of a supposedly solid object is space.

It has been estimated that if all the “spaces” in the known universe were removed and only “solid” material left, then you could hold this in the palm of your hand.

The video monitor you are currently looking at is made up of mainly blank space. It consists of subatomic particles with vast spaces around them. In fact the whole known universe and everything in it is made up of the same material …subatomic particles.

If you raise your eyes from your screen and look around you, everything you see is made of subatomic particles, even your pet cat, which is mainly empty space. (Something you’ve always suspected!) Everything is the same …except Human Consciousness!

Conscious awareness is a “stand-alone” event in the entire universe.

It is an anomaly.

Obviously this consciousness is a superior event compared to all the mundane subatomic sameness surrounding it. No wonder that controlled consciousness can influence the lifeless brethren we call inert matter! That is, there is no reason whatsoever why a human mind cannot influence matter.

The main reason we can’t do it, is because we don’t expect to!  The same as the scientists with the aperture test….. they get what they expect in the way of results. It takes a major change in the mental operating process to be able to influence matter to the point where you can cause psychokinetic effects with mind-power alone, but it happens!

If you think deeply about this, you will probably conclude that there is no reason why the superior stand-alone event of consciousness should not be able to directly influence the atomic structure of lifeless matter.

Einstein has proven that energy and mass are interchangeable (as in a nuclear reaction) and various universities and laboratories have been able to either measure or calculate the force generated by a human mind (as in psychokinetic experiments).

The obvious conclusion here is that, as mass and energy are interchangeable, the energy generated by human consciousness can be converted into its mass equivalent, the format of which is controlled and directed by the most extraordinary of higher-consciousness processes…


When a human mind clearly and continually visualizes an end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent – ie. the result desired. As strange as this may sound, it is scientifically feasible and generally accepted as truth among the mind power people and top motivators.

In our universe……. nothing is what it seems!!

When we are born we are totally unprogrammed. We are like a computer without the software. Each developing individual slowly slips into a reality frame that is he or she finds comfortable.  As we grow  we are trained to recognize a common reality so that we can interact with others. We usually learn this via peer pressure at school and from social groups and parental influence.

That is, every sane human being adopts a “common denominator” when it comes to reality. This “window of reality” is basically the same for the entire human race. Your reality training teaches you that mankind cannot walk on white hot coals with a temperature 5 times that of boiling water! Yet it is done! The same training tells you that you cannot influence matter with your mind.  Yet it happens!

Everybody “knows” that you cannot sit in a chair, relax, and clearly visualize some distant scene, in past, present or future time, with approximately the same degree of accuracy as produced by your other 5 senses.

Yet the Australian Aboriginal race has always had this “gift” and considers it normal. And there are a number of European people who have taken the trouble to learn this Remote Viewing process and some even practice it for a living!

Major corporations employ them to fill in information gaps.  The reality window, as we have accepted it for generations, is no longer valid.

Too many people are finding how to step outside it.

Under certain conditions, your mind can “escape” from the restriction of this universal window.  And as an increasing number of individuals experience these “impossible” alternatives, universal human consciousness changes. When a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities, then, like the 100th monkey theory, everyone will suddenly “know” that these things can be done. Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Field theory explains how this is achieved in real life.

Nothing is what it seems !!!

For the past 100 years or so western civilization has been technology orientated. The higher the technology, the better we like it. But technology is logic based. And our logic is based on our reality window.

If we become aware of a different form of technology which is not only outside our logic base, but also can’t be replicated reliably and worse still, cannot be measured on conventional instruments, then we panic!

It is outside our reality window.

But such technologies already exist. They are the science of the 21st century …because…

…nothing is what it seems!!!
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13 Aug

How To Cure Your Mind And Body Through Dream Programming

Article by Jim Francis

The mind does not make an appearance within physical reality, but the brain is based in physical reality. Our dreams occupy the same space as the mind…..that is, no space at all.

The images that appear in dreams appear as “forms” in other realities and they are not restricted by our physical reality rules of time, space and growth. They involve the materialization of spontaneous constructions which would normally not occur in our physical world.

Dreams are a continuous flowing process which run continuously in the wide awake and the dream states.

While we are in the wide awake state they run subconsciously. The materializations we create in our dreams have no mass in our physical reality but may have the equivalent of mass in other realities.

In the dream state the personality is molded and changed via actions that do not exist in the physical universe.  These dream based subjective events eventually manipulate physical matter and events for the individual concerned, depending upon how they have consciously or subconsciously programmed their dreams.

One persons dream affects another’s and that person is in turn affected by the neighbor’s dreams.

In many cases dreams (in slightly different formats) are shared by two or more people and in some cases close-knit communities have shared mass dreams.

We have “mass” dreams that occur just above the level relating to the collective unconscious. If we are able to tune in to these dreams (and some individuals can) we would gain an impression of what our society is collectively dreaming…..which would then give us an indication of future events, as our dreams format our future, both individually and collectively.

Sometimes these collective dreams contain enough power to significantly alter the future, for better or for worse. It is interesting to note that the dreams of one very powerful individual can affect the dreams of thousands of other people and this type of individual is capable of becoming a leader or “Guru”.

They generally become known in the dream state first and are recognized in the physical world later.

Through very intense emotional focus you can create a form then project it to another person who may then perceive it. This may be done consciously or unconsciously. The presence of this form can now be detected by sensitive scientific instruments.

During the dreaming state your awareness is focused in another reality that is in every way as permanent and valid as the physical reality universe. During sleep only a small amount of your energy is focused in the physical field, enough to maintain the bodily functions only.

The dream universe is also composed of a molecular structure, but takes up no space as we know it. It is continuous but your awareness of it is normally limited to your sleep/dreaming periods.

The events in the dream reality are as meaningful as the events in your physical world and indeed are interrelated. One affects the other …and vice versa. This is why it is possible (and extremely easy) to program up dreams which have an almost immediate effect in your physical universe.

One of the easiest and most effective types of dream that you can pre-program relates to your physical health. Sometimes a correctly programmed dream can cause almost miraculous improvements to your health in as little as 12 hours.

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11 Aug

The 10 Secrets of Failure

Article by Jim Francis

What does it take to be a winner?

Most successful people do not know how they achieved their success.

Success for them just arrived and was a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

If you stand and talk to a successful person for any length of time you will notice that their attitude and belief system is somewhat different to that which you are used to.

They seem to have a different angle or slant on things which you usually find quite refreshing.

If you could get close enough to these successful people to analyze their belief system you will find that they do none of the following…

The 10 secrets of failure –

1 –  Remain positive all day long ….for no reason. This is emotionally unnatural!

2 –  Discuss your life’s objectives with negative family and friends.

3 –  Accept gratuitous advice from unsuccessful people.

4 –  Follow-the-herd …because that is what everyone else is doing.

5 –  Watch TV “soap” regularly …this is guaranteed to destroy all creativity.

6 –  Heavily mortgage into debt and absolutely guarantee high stress for years to come.

7 –  Remain in a business/personal situation where you are perpetually unhappy and stressed.

8 –  Tell yourself continually that you are naturally unlucky.

9 –  Become petty-minded and envious when someone you know has a major windfall.

10 – Make lifestyle decisions based on spur-of-the-moment emotional feelings.

It is not what winners do that makes them so successful; it is what they don’t do!

They totally avoid the above 10 secrets of failure, either consciously or subconsciously.
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09 Aug

Learn More About EFT

There are so many resources out there to help you with your personal development.  EFT is just one of the things that I have found very useful for removing limiting blocks that prevent all the good things in life that I want to attract.

There is a large number of tapping teleclasses, guided imageries and other recordings to help you reach your goals of manifesting all that you desire.

Join the Magnificent Tappers Club!

06 Aug

Not Getting The Great Rewards?

The holy grail in personal transformation is “the clearing of your limiting beliefs” trapped in your body-mind; those pesky unconscious tapes running, and often ruining, our ability to attract love, happiness, success, wealth, and wellness.

Margaret Lynch has a fabulous new (and free) video on how to easily, and quite successfully, clear your internal blocks to money, income, success, and wealth.

Margaret shows you how to clear and reset your “Wealth Set Point,” the amount of money and wealth your body-mind can tolerate.

As little kids we were sponges soaking in everything our families felt, thought and believed about money – every limiting thought pattern, negative emotion, troubling memory, and sabotaging belief – pooled in our unconscious mind to create our “family paradigm” of money.

Margaret’s work delves deep into your “Money Shadow.” It’s the darkest side of your limiting beliefs about money.

All that dark family baggage collides with our own personal experience with money to create our personal “Wealth Set Point.”

Your Wealth Set Point explains why so many people, especially heart centered entrepreneurs, who work with great passion but rarely see great results of their hard works.

Check out Margaret Lynch’s excellent video and Tap away your limiting beliefs and blocks to the wealth you deserve.