30 Jun

How We Influence People With Our Minds

Article by Jim Francis


How often have you felt that someone was staring at you? You probably turned around and immediately caught the gaze of the “starer”. Or maybe you’ve unintentionally done this to someone else.

What has not been realized until quite recently is that when you focus on another person, either within eyesight or geographically distant, then that person subconsciously picks up on your attention.


Further still, their physiology changes slightly. Their blood pressure increases for a start …and there are other measurable changes.


Human minds appear to act like an international telephone exchange. When you focus on someone…you “connect” directly with them. There is no error…the connection is always made.


This fact was suspected for a long time, but until recently there had been no serious research on it. Then along came the remote viewers. And what they discovered absolutely stunned the scientists who had an interest in this field.


The remote viewers found that not only could they “connect” with their target person in real time….but they could connect at specified times in the past and in the future!


That is…they would remote view (connect with) an individual….but before doing so would specify exactly the time and date that they wished to do so. It was found that they could remotely influence a person?s physiology in the past and in the future. This is totally astounding knowledge.


Please remember that each and every individual affects other people all the time. If you drive your car down the road slowly and hold up traffic behind you…then you are affecting others.


The mere fact that you are reading this means that I have affected you. You could have been doing something else right at this instant. All we are doing with remote influencing is affecting people in a slightly different way….remotely. It is merely an extension of your day to day interaction with others.


If you happen to be in a foul mood and enter a room full of people, then they subconsciously pick this up off you and avoid you. That is uncontrolled remote influencing. What you are learning here is controlled remote influencing.


You can use it to your advantage…and to the advantage of the other person. If you use it to harm them….then you are very likely to have the exercise bounce back on you some time in the future…with a considerable interest percentage added on!


Once you have mastered the process….you will simply find that things go your way. This is because you are unconsciously using subjective influence without even being aware of it. It becomes an automatic process.


When you focus on a project intently then your remote influencing abilities come into play and make it happen. It will appear to you as if you are suddenly having a run of good luck. Don’t knock it…ride with it. And don’t be afraid of it because it is a natural talent that you were born with. For the first time in your life you will have it under control.


The key is mental imagery. You must be able to visualize imagery well, and imagine feelings. The most difficult period is in the beginning. You must watch for every small indication that you are exerting some influence on the other person, and then build upon that.


Like learning to ride a bicycle, it becomes easier as it progresses, and finally become almost like second nature. It is this very difficult initial step that keeps this phenomenon from being more widely used. After you have become proficient, you will find that you do not need to see the person you are trying to influence, nor do you need to be in the proximity of that person.


In fact distance seems to have no effect on the phenomenon, just as it has no effect on paired quantum particles. Remote projection, like remote viewing, requires a relaxed mind and body. This is where your alpha training comes in.


With remote viewing you struggle to become aware of what is coming in from the matrix. With remote projection you are focusing on what you are sending out. That is….you are projecting tightly controlled imagery. You clearly shape your thoughtform, fill it with the necessary energy…then release the thought to the target you have chosen.


You must be very clear in your mind exactly what it is you wish to project. Waffly half formed thoughts will go nowhere. That is the first step. The second step is in releasing the thought. You fire this compressed energy thought-ball at the target…then promptly forget all about it. You DO NOT dwell on it.


This is the same process that is used for psychokinetic experiments. You fire the energy…then promptly think about something else. Most psychokinetic effects happen after you’ve stopped trying. You really have to become aware that what you think and what you feel is changing the world outside yourself!!!


Your thoughts have energy….this has actually been measured. And when you intently focus these thoughts they develop a resonant energy. Then when you direct this resonance toward one particular person …with absolute single-minded intensity …that energy will be imparted to that target person and affect them.


You can design your life circumstances by consciously designing and focusing your thought patterns and accompanying intensity.


In developing projective skills remember that whatever you project outward will be reflected in your environment so destructive projections will adversely affect your environment. This is why people who dwell on things that they fear…and impart projective energy to these thoughts…usually self-destruct by creating their own personal disasters.


Once you learn these projective skills you must never dwell on negative destructive activities. The purpose of developing this projective ability is to firstly improve your own life…then the life of those around you that you care for.

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29 Jun

Inspirational Quotes

In my course of reading about Law Of Attraction, I’ve come across some quotes that I have found helpful.

“Knowledge of the powers of your subconscious mind is the means to the royal road to riches of all kinds…”
–Dr. Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, 1963

“Belief changes the tempo of the mind or thought-frequency. Like a huge magnet, it draws the subconscious forces into play, changing your whole aura and affecting everything about you—including people and objects at great distances.”
—Claude M. Bristol, The Magic of Believing, 1948

“It is a well-defined and authentic principle that what the mind profoundly expects it tends to receive.”
—Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking, 1952

“Fortunes gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to attract them, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean.”
–Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, 1937

“Nothing happens, no forward steps are taken until a goal is established. Without goals, individuals just wander through life. They stumble along, never knowing where they are going, so they never get anywhere.”
–David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big, 1959

I hope these quotes will help to keep you on your path to improvement of yourself and of your wonderful life.

We do from time to time have setbacks but remember never to give up! Continue to focus on feeling good and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. The more you do this the better and easier it will get and one day it will just be a habit and you won’t need to concentrate on feeling good, your mind will automatically just feel good.

27 Jun

Techniques To Setting Your Goals

Sometimes people panic when they have realized the day has gone by and they haven’t accomplished anything of a productive manner.  There are so many things that can distract us from doing what needs to be done. And this is why setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals is so important.

By using these goal setting techniques, you can maximize the use of your time and energy and get the most out of your days.

1. Evaluate

What do you really want?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do now?

These questions are of great importance for you to think of what you want to accomplish and where do you want to be. These are a must before you can set your proper goals.

Take the time to visualize your dreams and then figure out what steps you will need to do now in order to achieve that dream.

Think of things in your past that might get in the way of your dreams.  Being aware of those things will help you avoid any blocks that might come up.

2. Get Real

Reaching your dreams will not happen overnight so don’t loose sight of your dream.

You can reach any goal you set your mind to, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.  Some people will tell you that you are reaching too high, but pay them no mind, no dream is too high if it is truly what you want.

Filter out things that might be a distraction to you reaching your goals.  We all have strengths and weaknesses so identify what those are.  But remember even a perceived weakness can be of a benefit.

3. Plan

In order to help your identify your key action steps, as yourself; how will I go about this? What time table or strategy should I focus on?

Planning is a must in order for you to identify the interconnections of your short and long term goals.  It is like trying to cross a stream by jumping from rock to rock.  You look and plan on how to get across before you just start jumping and hope you make it.

Planning also forms ideas on how to get to where we want to be. So Keep this in mind, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

4. Focus

To keep from losing focus and getting overwhelmed, concentrate on one goal at a time.  This is not to say that you can’t work towards more than one goal at a time but to plan all the steps you need to accomplish one goal first. Then you can set your plan for your next goal.

This will help you keep your focus to know which goals you need to give your utmost attention to in order to fulfill that goal.

5. Monitor and Re-evaluate

From time to time, ask yourself these questions:  How am I doing?  Am I on the right track? Are my strategies working?  If not, what can I do to change them?  What is working and what is not?

By taking the time to re-evaluate your progress you will be able to see how far you have come and what steps worked, which ones didn’t (if any) and which ones can be streamlined.

A Goal Is A Dream

By following these goal setting techniques, your dreams are just a few steps away. Try not to lose sight of your dreams and find ways to keep yourself motivated to stay on the track to the finish line. Remember these are your dreams and only you can reach them, no one can push you or pull you alone to the end. You are closer than you think you are to reaching your dreams!

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25 Jun

What Precisely Is Your Own Personal Mastery?

Personal mastery pertains to approaching life from a different viewpoint.  From time to time people would refer to it as a process towards progressive improvement. Individual mastery is encouraged with key concepts like vision, personal purpose, creative tension, dedication to truth and becoming familiar with the subconscious mind.

One of the most important essential aspects of your own individual mastery is personal vision. Your own mastery when used together with personal vision can create a foundation or guiding beliefs on how you can engage and live your life. Some people would say that personal vision serves as a guideline that would keep you on track.

Followers of personal power see that there are amazing opportunities to increase their growth. Followers keep in mind that there are many techniques for growth and possibilities like books, tapes, lectures and school courses. People also reap the benefits of other like minded ones in their quest for individual mastery.

Individual mastery is about loving yourself and showing your gifts to its fullest. Several would think that this kind of mastery is defeating and limiting one self, but actually it is about becoming familiar with your personality. To control or conquer some habits, it would be imperative for you to identify how and why those behaviors arise. The more you hide things, the more you probably would have difficulty in eliminating and overcoming it.

Personal mastery is self-discipline. It is about making a commitment for the direction that your life is going to take. You would slowly understand that you can do anything with the aide of your practical knowledge and talents. Discipline would clarify and heighten your perspective in life. Those whose pursuit for personal mastery would build up patience and see life clearly.

Your own individual mastery can actually help you reap the rewards in life. You can say that you might have developed this mastery if you are prepared to completely understand your strengths, talents and your purpose in life. Personal mastery will allow you to be inspired, motivated and happy with your life. You start to show an idea of motivation in changing on how people respond to life and the world. The greatest thing about your very own mastery is that you would constantly feel that you are steered and supported by God.

It is also essential for a person who is in quest for personal mastery to cultivate integrity, humility, justice and industry. Actually, these are “rules” on how we might be able to conduct ourselves professional, socially and spiritually.

Peter Senge said that accomplishing personal mastery has no shortcuts or no “quick fixes.” Occasionally it would take a lifetime for your own mastery to be attained. Personal mastery detaches people from self-interest or selfishness and stimulate people towards rendering care and service to other people. Also individuals that follow this kind of mastery see the connections in their conditions and perceived everything completely.

Proactive behavior is also a thing that personal mastery helps you to improve. Reactive attitude like thinking before you start hand that you will not be able to do things is resolved when building personal mastery. Actions and service that you impart are based on how you can creatively increase your skills.

To sum it up it, personal mastery directs you to develop being conscious with your beliefs, attitudes and behavior impacts. It also enables you to understand yourself and be responsible with your own action, attitude, and thought.

Consultants would say that personal mastery could be truly gained by living intentionally and by living with integrity. Living purposefully would incorporate showing talents, gifts as well as strengths to accomplish goals and achieve success. Living with integrity is by developing your ideals, standards and traits.

To Learn More about Personal Mastery

24 Jun

Why You Need Inspiration In Your Life

For something good and great that you want to accomplish in your life to happen, you always need some inspiration. A great source of inspiration will bring the power to keep you moving towards your goals.  Conversely, when we are without any inspiration, accomplishing anything may seem hard, boring and dull, and we do not take joy in what we are doing.

Inspiration is very important because it helps your mind stay positive and focused on the bigger picture. Often we think we are in command of our minds and what we think, but even a brief analysis of our attitudes might show us another story: that our minds limiting beliefs act as a major obstacle to our growth.

Our mind can sometimes be unstable and prone to doubt, moving from one thought to another at any time. Often when you feel a deep inner longing to achieve something, the mind is the first to go along with it, attracted by the “newness” factor. However, when things get heavy and start to experience difficulties in fulfilling your purpose, the mind is usually the first to abandon ship! By combining external sources of inspiration in your life, you help your mind to “see the forest for the trees” and therefore achieving your goals.

Sometimes the process of bringing purpose and meaning in your life means you must take a bold step into uncharted territory for you and most of the people around you. You begin to explore options beyond the nine-to-five cycles of eating, working and sleeping and start to find your way to a deeper sense of self. Some people around you might not be interested in reaching their full potential as you are, it can be very easy to feel like you are in this alone, and can make a question if you really do the right thing. That’s why surrounding yourself with reading inspired stories and inspiring individuals is very important because it allows you to see what other people have done in their lives. If they have come to achieve their goals, then why not you?  We all have the same potential!

As a mind sometimes gets bored of new things, it is a good idea to look for new ways to keep your inspiration level high such as;

The presence of the like minded individuals close by may help you can guarantee that if an individual in the group do not feel very inspired, someone else will, and that inspiration acts as a pick-me-up tonic to those in the group. In addition, together you function as a valuable source of fresh ideas, when someone finds something that works for them, then he can share that with others.

Always keeping that sense of newness in what you do is important. For example, to keep my practice of meditation exciting and inspiring, I will often include a piece of new music in my morning routine, or redecorate my meditation space.

Reading can be a powerful source of inspiration, because it directly affects the mind. Personally inspired stories can be very powerful, because you can imagine stepping into their shoes and imagine that you are overcoming those obstacles. You will be able to use that inspiration as a springboard to enhance your ambitions, your desire to be all you can be. Many people who give seminars on how to be successful state the same thing – that the difference between achieving goals and not achieving them is in how badly you want them.

Taking measures to increase your ambition will help you move from a situation you are not satisfied with it, and when you will feel it in your heart you will know that the changes you wish to see in your life are happening. By combining inspiration and ambition together with surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people you will be able to accomplish any goal or desire you want.

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23 Jun

Changing The Focus Of My Blog

Well as you can see I haven’t posted anything on here since Feb. 2011.  This started off as a way to talk about what I was going through after loosing my husband suddenly in March 2009.

As time went by and I started to move on and really getting the hang of our business I had less and less time to post here so I’m changing the focus of this blog to something that I’ve been interested in and working on for about 6 months now.

I spent most of my first 50 years waiting and expecting bad things to happen and they usually did.  So what I’ve been doing is learning to think more positively and expect good things to happen.  It is a work in progress and I’ve made some good changes and I’m starting to feel really good about things, though from time to time I still have my “down” days but not as many as before.

If you’ve read my blog in the past, I hope you will continue to.  I will be posting articles, links, ebooks and other things I find useful for me and maybe if this is of interest to you, you will find them helpful as well.

I also need to let you know that some of the links and/or products you will see on here I am an affiliate for, which means that if you purchase an item through my blog I will earn a portion of the sale.

I hope you have a great day!